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Ayushi Mohan
Volunteer, Delhi

I just learned of your generous contribution to society by working for the betterment of society through your organisation “HOPE FOUNDATION”. As the name itself is enough to understand, your organisation has come up as biggest HOPE for many people. To say that I was touched by your sincere devotion to the cause does not sufficiently express my gratitude. I am glad to be associated with an Organisation like yours, which is working in the field of social work, without any expectations. And the most proud part is to know that it is formed by few college students just four years ago. It is something to proud of as it shows we have nurtured good human beings for our society and for the future. Your work towards society covers almost every sector that need attention some of them are like CLEANLINESS DRIVE, VOTING AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, HEALTH CAMP etc. While I appreciate your work, I also hope that you will continue to work for betterment and will further enhance the range and variety of programs to make this society a better place for all.

Volunteer, Hyderabad

It has been a great experience so far. I always love helping these Lil helpless kids and hope foundation has been a great and trust worthy source. I’m trying to spread and create awareness about this foundation. Really proud to be a part of it.

Divyam Thapa
Volunteer, Modinagar

I sincerely enjoyed my rendezvous with team HOPE and learning about the strive of an organised NGO. Young hearts filled with compassion to do what should be done,Team Hope has organised many long and short team programmes, mostly at the outskirts of Gaaziabaad. Some of their past activities includes rainbassera, clean India, tree plantation, blood donation camps and many other profoundly valuable initiatives since 2014. I also conversed with their group leaders and team managers as well, which confirmed their open Minds and their amiable nature towards the poor and the needy.Most of their members are from a clean artistic background, using their talent to spread the awareness and truth is a fair sign of creativity in them. Currently team Hope is focusing their attention on two of the most crucial HR sectors in India i.e. Health and Education. Such great visions can’t be succeeded without an unshakble endeavour to amend the wrongs of the society.Recently team Hope has started a library under One person,One book campaign. Under this initiative they collect old and donated books in their library, which can be accessed by anyone in need also by the end of the running month they have planned to teach kids and organise a workshop to develop their skills. Talking about the health sector, the team Hope conducts free medical checkups in slum located in both suburban and non-suburban zones almost every month and provides medicine,if possible.At the end I would congratulate the team Hope for their achievements and wish them the best to succeed in their good deeds.

Kanchan Jaiswal
Donor, Sultanpur

This foundation is doing good for everyone for poor people for students for old persons, and they organized different kinds of events like health check up camp and donation camp and one most precious program that is “One person One book” which provide books to the students who can’t afford it. Entire Hope team is doing good . My all pleasure to appreciate your organizing skills & wish the same for future events. And special thanks to Mr. Gaurav Garg for this great initiative.

Anurag Tyagi
Volunteer, Muzaffarnagar

It is always a proud feeling for having been associated with an Organisation working in the field of social work. But when you come to know that it was started by a few college students only four(4) years ago ,it is something overwhelming. The work done by them covers almost all sectors . Few to name are CLEANLINESS DRIVE, VOTING AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, HEALTH CAMP, etc. I am hopeful that you would further enhance the range and variety of your programmes and help to make this society a better place to live in.

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