Sanitary Pads Distribution

At HOPE Foundation, we are very concerned about the plight of women in poverty-stricken areas. One of our upcoming projects also includes distributing free sanitary napkins to women in poor rural and slum areas.

Women social workers in HOPE Foundation are interested in enlightening women living in slums and poor locations about the importance of good menstrual hygiene. They want to educate them that how it can save them from many health problems. We have plans to distribute free sanitary napkins on regular basis to poor women.

People living in poverty-stricken areas many times are not even able to earn enough money to buy ration to prepare three meals per day. While buying household and other important things, poor women put buying sanitary pads in the less important list. They want ration and other important things for their homes first. Many women are also ignorant about the availability of better options like sanitary pads in the market.

HOPE Foundation wants to spread awareness and also help women living in slums and poor rural areas financially by providing free sanitary pads to them.

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