One Person One Book

HOPE Foundation owns a well-furnished library, which it opened via its One Person One Book campaign. The NGO collects old and used books from donors and keeps them in the library for the members. Anyone can borrow books from our library located in Modinagar.

The membership is free. The person will have to deposit some nominal amount of sum before borrowing the books. The amount is refundable. HOPE Foundation lately has more than 2500 books in the library. Whether you want a book for some entrance exam or a Science book, you can search it on the book shelves of our library. Our library staff members are also very polite and amiable.

People can donate as many books they want or even one book to the NGO by reaching its office. They can also drop a message on NGO’s Facebook page or send an email. Someone from the NGO usually goes and collects the book(s) from the donors staying in Modinagar or near it. People can also use courier service and send books to HOPE Foundation. They can even buy new books online and tell the retailer to deliver the books at NGO’s address.

Library Address:

  • H. No. 140, Street no. 4, Fafrana road, Modinagar, Distt. Gzb, UP – 201204​
  • +91-7409 49 8915

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