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Hope Foundation is dedicated to variety of humanitarian work while focusing mainly on helping underprivileged people. We have so far organized many successful campaigns like One Person One Book, Food for Schooling, free medicines supply in slum areas etc. It is worth mentioning that the successful completion of our many projects would not have been possible without the help of donations given to us.

The NGO has been accepting donations from individuals for its various altruistic projects and it holds all its munificent benefactors in high regard. HOPE Foundation currently has 2500+ books in its library, which it opened via its One Person One Book campaign. We are very thankful to all the donors who sent books for our library. Many people have also been supporting the NGO from time to time by buying its t-shirts.

We have many new humanitarian projects lined up such as sanitary napkins manufacturing, Project Sarthi, providing more free medicines to slum dwellers etc. We accept any amount of donation. Individuals interested in social service can help the NGO any time of the year. Even a 10 Rs note donated to HOPE Foundation can bring smile on someone’s face.

Donors can assist us by contributing in the funds, gifting books for our library and by buying t-shirts from the NGO. A small help from you can make someone’s life beautiful.

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