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Health is wealth and HOPE Foundation wants to gift underprivileged people good health. So, it is actively involved in organizing campaigns and spreading awareness. We often hear in news about poor people dying because they could not afford expensive medical treatments. It is also not rare to see slum-dwellers standing in long queues in inexpensive government hospitals to get prescriptions for various ailments.

So many slum-dwellers neglect their health and avoid visiting expensive medical facilities thinking that they will have to spend money, which they can use for buying food. It is worth mentioning that many people in slum areas are reluctant to visit doctors in government hospitals because they don’t want to take a day off from the shops, factories or construction sites they work at. They just don’t want any deductions in their wages.

So, the slum-dwellers keep suffering from the ailments and don’t take any proper medication and think that after few days they are going to feel okay. Since they keep ignoring their health; one day, they realize that the small headache, seasonal fever or pain in the body they had been ignoring has grown into a big health issue.
We at HOPE Foundation understand the misery of such poor people. We conduct regular health check-ups in slums. Every month, our team of social workers reaches the places where poor people reside. Our team of knowledgeable doctors and medical practitioners do the check-up without taking any fee. We also arrange medicines for the poor if we manage to collect enough money from the donors.
In India, many people are still poor and work really hard to earn living. Women in the poverty-stricken areas of the country cannot even afford essential female hygiene products like sanitary pads. The women social workers in HOPE Foundation are very concerned about the importance of promoting menstrual health in slums. Lack of menstrual hygiene leads to many diseases; so, we are manufacturing sanitary napkins to supply for free in slum areas.

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