Hope For Education

HOPE Foundation is actively involved in ensuring quality education for children in schools. Our goal is to remove illiteracy from various parts of the country and we encourage everyone to educate themselves. We have so far organized Food For Schooling campaign and quiz competitions in more than 45 schools. We have also opened a library via our One Person One Book campaign and have many other projects lined up.

At HOPE Foundation, we believe that everyone should have at least certain set of skills with which they can earn decent living for themselves. So many people in our country live hand to mouth by doing hard manual labour like pulling rickshaws, taking up jobs at construction sites, collecting and selling rags etc.

When everyone is educated in a country, eventually the quality of life of people also improves. Poor people have more options for earning money. With less people opting for manual labour, the concerned authorities offer better wages and also find good alternatives to substitute poor labour. It eventually results in innovation in machinery and technology.

The NGO wants to provide a helping hand to all those people who want to educate themselves. We also like to enlighten people about the value of education. So many people in our country are not able to get education due to financial problems and other social factors. HOPE Foundation’s One Person One Book campaign is focused on curbing this issue. Whether one wants to get school level education or wants to opt for higher education, we can offer help by providing needed books. Our library is located in Modinagar.

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