Have you ever bleed?

Posted by: admin Post Date: February 19, 2019

Have you ever bleed?

Have you ever bleed?

When asked from Rahul, he replied, “Yes, when the last time a needle pinched my index finger, a few drops touched the ground and he believe me the pain it caused was totally unbearable, that curse of red patches around the finger was enough to made me felt hell out of this world and yes I bleed. Even, my mum helped me in dressing for the same at the same moment, and then only I breathe a deep one.”

“What if, you need to bleed every month and that too for 4-5 days Rahul, What will be your call on that?”

“Are you crazy, how one can think of that, not even for one day you are saying it for entire 4-5 days and that too every month.”

“Okay Rahul…! That’s fine…and what if your mother would not applied Dettol and dress your wound rather than applied Alcohol to clean the wound.”

“Brother…what you are saying and what you really want to convey….Applying alcohol was a primitive way but today when Antiseptics like Dettol are available, then why you are thinking for Alcohol.”

“But, your wife is bleeding every single month and what you are providing her is only restrictions. Are you following Hindu traditions, where it is said that a girl on her periods is not physically compete coz her uterus ruptures, so she can’t go to temple, or you are following Quran where it is mentioned that, “go apart from women during the monthly course, do not approach them until they are clean” Quran 2:222. Oh may be you are a Christian, following Bible “…in her menstrual impurity; she is unclean… whoever touches…shall be unclean and shall wash clothes and bathe in water and be unclean until evening” Leviticus 15….

“I don’t know from which culture or religion you belong to and even I don’t want to. For me you are just a beast who is spreading salt on her wife wounds. You only want to had a means to entertain you and give birth to your generation”

“No, no…I am not at all doing this….She is my life…she is my entire world…but, my mother told me these rituals, so I am just following them…”

Should we need to continue blame our ancestors and primitive culture to bring this in our mind? Should we continue to provide excuses to our wrong mindset, should we continue to let our girls not touch the pickles? *Period Sex is Ok…but Periods are not…*What a foolish thing we are following…Aren’t we….?

If bleeding is a taboo, then let we all pray God that not a single girl shall bleed in its entire life cycle. It can be possible in two ways, one that only a girl gets pregnant, so if you are okay with that, then just imagine the way world will gonna look into one single year. And second way out is with God only that he make some hormonal changes in girls so that no girl shall bleed, but wait…it means not even a single time in her life cycle, a girl would be able to conceive your baby…Wanaaa go for that…Obviously No…otherwise who will give your mother his grandson….Shit the culture…shit the traditions…and entirely shit the way we are following them…

It’s time to change…It’s time to move on….It’s time to let her bleed…It’s time to support her bleed…coz we are nothing but her bleed….!


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