No, it is an Indian NGO. People who work with the NGO are of Indian origin. We operate only in India

The NGO receives donations from individuals and organizations.

All the people who work in HOPE Foundation are driven by the idea that charity is good. They like to help people and they think that the NGO has given them the opportunity to indulge in altruistic activities. People working in the NGO don’t get salaries from the NGO.

  • You can talk with the NGO’s team on its Facebook page.
  • You can reach its headquarters in Modinagar.
  • You can ask queries on the Contact Us page of the NGO’s website.

* You can buy its t-shirts.
* You can donate money.
* You can donate old books.
* You can work for the NGO as full-time or part-time social worker.
* You can volunteer for its various campaigns.
* You can promote the NGO on social media so that more and more people get involved.

* You can donate at NGO’s headquarters in Modinagar.
* You can donate via HOPE Foundation’s website.
* You can donate through DD cheque, NEFT, RTGS, Upi transaction, BHIM transaction and Paytm.

* You can donate book(s) at its headquarters in Modinagar.
* You can use courier service to donate books to the NGO.
* If you stay in Modinagar, you can also give us your address and we will come at your place to receive book(s) from you.
* If you stay near Modinagar (10-15 km away), you can give us your address too. If it will be possible for us, we will reach your doorstep and collect the book(s) from you.
* You can buy any book(s) online and ask the retailer to send the book(s) at our address.

* You can reach our headquarters in Modinagar and buy t-shirt(s).
* You can text us on our social media page.
* You can tell us where you want the t-shirt(s) to be delivered and which size you want. We will send the t-shirts at the same address. It will include delivery charges.
* You can visit our website and use the email ID option and provide details to us.

* If you have friends and acquaintances working in the NGO then you can communicate your interest in joining the NGO to them.
* You can visit our website and leave details on the Contact Us page.
* You can drop a message at NGO’s Facebook page.
* You can send an email to the NGO.
* You can make a phone call to the NGO.

Right now HOPE Foundation has not acquired any relevant certificate from the authorities that can enable the donors to enjoy tax benefits. People who give donations to the NGO experience the pure joy of helping others without getting anything in return.

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