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HOPE Foundation offers various volunteering opportunities to individuals throughout the year. Anyone can join our team of social workers. You don’t need any special qualification but a kind heart. We strongly believe that everyone should contribute to make this world a better place to live in and charity is good.

Our team of social workers comprises of website maintenance staff and field workers. You can volunteer by doing work for the NGO’s website or join its several campaigns and get involved in field-work. We organize regular health check-ups in slums, run a library, manufacture sanitary napkins etc. We need more people who have website related skills. HOPE Foundation is currently looking for website designers, website developers, SEO experts, marketing executives, content writers etc. We also need people who can help us to organize campaigns or can be available for field-work.

Whether you are a college student, an entrepreneur, a housewife or a service person, you can contribute. You can do work from home or also join us in field-work. You can work as a full time social worker with us or also choose to devote just 3 hours every week. A small help from you can bring smiles on thousand faces.

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HOPE Foundation is a non- profit organization. People who work with us have strong human values and are very compassionate. They are driven by the idea that helping other living beings brings one closer to Almighty. It not only generates good karma but also gives a lot of peace of mind. The NGO does not offer any salaries to anyone. All the social workers derive happiness in it that they get the opportunity to help someone in need every day. They cherish it that they are part of HOPE Foundation.

How to become part of NGO’s team or campaigns?

  • Tell your friends, working in the NGO that you are interested in joining the NGO.
  • Provide details on the Contact Us page of NGO’s website.
  • Leave a message on NGO’s Facebook page.
  • Contact the NGO via email or phone call.

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