Aura (Women)

Posted by: admin Post Date: March 8, 2019

Aura (Women)

Aura is divine, strength & kind

Is the one who always shines ,

Aura in pain, never let it rain

Is so high, always wants to fly ;


Aura is the lifeline of family

Has the power to create and nuture ,

Aura is a mother who cares

A sister who bears and a friend who shares ;


Aura is not reflected in a facial mole

True beauty is reflected in her soul ,

Aura is the epitome of love and sacrifice

A dreamer , achiever, winner all along ;


Aura is a women with passion and courage

Exotic, intriguing and strong ,

So celebrate and acknowledge all things they do

The beauty of an aura with passing years…….always grew !!!




                                                                                   _RAFAT A KHAN

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