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HOPE Foundation has so far advocated many causes for community welfare. The NGO has been working rigorously to empower people by providing solutions for various problems in health and education sector. Some of the successful humanitarian events organized by the NGO include One Person One Book, health check-ups, blood donation camp, quiz competitions, Plantation campaign, Clean India Drive, Food For Schooling, Human Chain, Raen Basera etc.

One Person One Book: We are proud to tell that we own a large library in Modinagar. It is stocked with many books and its membership is free. Anyone can come and sit in the library and study for long hours. Interested people will have to deposit small amount of money and they can easily become members of HOPE Foundation’s library. The sum is refundable. Members can also borrow books from the library and return them later.

Regular Health Check-Ups: We have many well-experienced doctors in our team of social workers. Once every month, they visit slum areas to do free health-checkups. They listen to every patient’s health problems carefully and then prescribe medicines. They are always friendly with the slum-dwellers while they are doing their monthly routine check-up.

Blood Donation Camp: HOPE Foundation has organized a successful blood donation camp in past and has plans to organize more in near future. The objective of our blood donation camp was to spread awareness and supply blood to the blood banks. Thousands of patients die every year due to shortage of blood in blood banks. We are very thankful to all the blood donors who took out time and came to donate blood.

Quiz Competitions: We have so far also organized quiz competitions in many government schools in Modinagar. Our main objective behind organizing the quiz competitions was to develop students’ interest in subjects like Current Affairs, General Knowledge, History etc. HOPE Foundation also distributed prizes to the winners. Students found our quiz competitions very helpful as these enhanced their knowledge.

Plantation Campaign: We strongly believe that human beings need to reconnect with nature to find solution for most of their everyday problems. They need to incorporate nature in their day-to-day life so that they can stay healthy and happy, and also nurture themselves spiritually. Nature always has a healing effect on both mind and body, and during our Plantation campaign, we spread this message. We sowed and planted many trees and plants on pavements, near roads and outside homes in Modinagar.

Clean India Drive: To motivate people to keep their surroundings clean, HOPE Foundation organized Clean India Drive last year. India is a growing economy and life is a little hard in the country in comparison to other countries. People spend more time in offices to earn living and have less time to devote on other aspects of life. Government also faces some problems due to which keeping the country clean is one of the main problems. We along with volunteers cleaned the roads, installed litter bins and also provided information to people about the Municipal Corporation of the area.

Food For Schooling: HOPE Foundation’s Food For Schooling campaign aimed at providing free education and nutritious food to children living in slums. Every Sunday, our team of social workers used to go to slum areas and teach children. We used to serve well-cooked food to them during lunch time. Our free meal plan encouraged slum-dwellers to send their children to our school every weekend. We took help of other NGOs too for this campaign.

Human Chain: India is a democratic country and every citizen should step out of his or her home to vote during elections. Even a single vote can make a big difference in any democracy. We organized Human Chain campaign during 2017 MLA elections in Modinagar to bring people’s attention to the aforementioned idea. Nearly 5000 students from 50 schools formed a human chain. We were happy that voters appreciated the effort NGO took to make the campaign successful.

Raen Basera: We organized Raen Basera campaign in 2014 and helped many homeless people who slept on streets during winters. HOPE Foundation made arrangements for their stay so that they would not have to bear the harshness of winter at night. Thousands of people in India who live on streets fall severely ill every year with the onslaught of cold wind. Many also die as they cannot afford doctors’ fee. We took homeless people to night shelters where they could spend the night hours without feeling cold.

Clothes Events: As we know that India is still plagued with poverty. Many people do not have roof over their head, enough food to eat and clothes to wear. So, HOPE Foundation keeps organizing Clothes Event from time to time to help destitute people. We collect old clothes from donors and distribute to poor people living on streets, in slums and other poverty-stricken locations.

Yoga Drive: Our Yoga Drive included asanas, pranayamas, chakras, neti, meditation etc. Yoga is not only good for physical well-being of a human being but it also aids a person’s spiritual development. During our campaign, we also explained to people the importance of vegetarian food and spending time in nature. People appreciated HOPE Foundation’s initiative.

Poor Girls Marriage: We organized Poor Girls Marriage event to help financially weak families in Modinagar and nearby areas. Many people in our country are not able to marry off their daughters due to financial problems. We helped such poor families by making arrangements for the wedding ceremonies and providing financial help.

Eatables & Notebooks Distribution: HOPE Foundation distributed free notebooks and eatables in many government schools to help students. Many children who study in government schools belong to weaker sections of society and cannot afford to buy notebooks. So, we organized camps and distributed good quality notebooks to students along with delicious refreshment.

Online Blood Donor Registration: When diseases like dengue and malaria spread in cities, towns and villages, there is always an urgent need for blood in hospitals to save lives. But due to unavailability of blood in blood banks many patients die. HOPE Foundation has started Online Blood Donor Registration program to solve this problem. Donors can fill our registration form and we will inform them immediately when hospitals and blood banks need fresh blood for malaria and dengue patients. Registered donors can then visit the health facility and donate blood.

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